Welcome to Hertfordshire 4x4 Response

Hertfordshire 4x4 Response is a voluntary group based throughout Hertfordshire (and North London) which serves local authorities and emergency services during times of need. The group  consists of experienced Herts 4x4 owners who enjoy being able to volunteer to help the local community. 


 These volunteers provide a range of support across Hertfordshire and North London such as, 


  • Transporting key workers in times of severe weather such as snow, ice or flooding
  •  Access to areas where four wheel drive is required
  •  Assistance to the emergency services during major incidents
  •  Logistical support such as distribution of antivirals or other essential aid
  •  Support to other voluntary aid charities e.g. traffic marshaling, event support



Our volunteers devote their personal time, expertise and experience to the group and come from many different backgrounds such as mechanics, IT managers, professional drivers and company directors. All responders receive basic training including first aid, road and weather awareness.

With members based across the county, Hertfordshire 4x4 response can respond quickly and effectively to emergencies and planned call outs which require specialist 4x4 vehicles due to snow, ice or other extreme weather conditions.

If you own a 4x4 vehicle and are willing to volunteer your time please see our membership page for more information. If you have a general query please use the form on the contact page to get in touch.

Our responders help people throughout the county and throughout the year, if you are one of these people or you appreciate what we do please let us know by leaving feedback .

Help us to help our community